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Status Report: Invisium 11/11 !

Teser / Jul 07, 2018 / Raiding

Its finally fucking done, we did it.

We fucking killed Arugs!

After spending so many days trying to raid, with people going on vacation, people leaving and people just being bad at this game, we finally managed to get a pull in where no one hit the dogs.

Fucking amazing dude

Though it should be mentioned that this wasn't done alone. We had some help from another guild, some outside help but y'know we were boosting them more than anything amIright who were very kind to help kill this boss with us. The guild by the name "Clown Fiesta" on Tarren Mill, we promised to pay them with exposure rather than loot or a mount so there ya go guys, kthxbye.

The cool kids that actually helped and stayed for the kill and weren't pussies that bailed on us

It was a painful few months to progress this, a lot of fails, a lot of miscommunication and of course, enough salt for everyones fries/chips. The most painful part of this fight wasnt even doing Phase 3, it was getting TO phase 3. We had the 'usual suspects' who always die before we get to phase 2 and then we dont hit the dps check or there isnt enough healers so we have to pre-wipe. A lot of people would say the nerfs helped us and I agree, because if Im gonna watch someone get hit by the cone again I swear to god.

Another issue we had was with the roster, since its summer a lot of people were getting tired of playing wow and they wanted to go have some time at the beach like a bunch of normies. This resulted in the roster being cut down from 24 to 17

Just one snap

But thankfully, after spending 2-3 months on progressing this boss, we can finally put it to rest, take a break and come back fresh and ready for Battle for Azeroth... except well...

Yea, its sad to say but Invisium won't be able to raid in Battle for Azeroth, at least at the start. A lot of the officers/council members are tired and cant or wont raid in BFA as leaders, half of the current roster wishes to switch to new and better guilds and some just wanna stop playing the game in general. I know its sad but honestly, Im proud of this fucking team. We manage to go through so much bullshit and get past so many bosses while being so disorganized that its almost awe inspiring. We taught new players how to raid in mythic, for a lot of people Invisium was their first Mythic raiding guild and honestly, we may be bad but at least were not Insert Random Guild Name Here.

So I guess this is a love letter to everyone from the guild and anyone that has been following this train wreck. I hope everyone in the guild finds a guild that befits them because we have a lot of good players and they honestly deserve a better guild and a better realm than this. I dunno what I'll do in BFA but I know I'll need some help in Mythic +. So why dont you go ahead and add me on Bnet and boost me ( Teser#2426 ).

I loved making this retarded posts and I hope you enjoyed them as well, I'll post some that were my favorite so we can look back to the simplier times.
So yea, see you on the next wacky ride, but till then stay safe and remember to breathe.

I just realized how much I ripped into mmhon.

Thanks for the memories <3



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