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Status Report: Invisium, 10/11 !

Teser / Apr 26, 2018 / Raiding
Invisium has managed to survive a car crash, well they might as well since Aggramar was a pain in the-

So the fine geniuses over at the guild Invisium have managed to figure out how to use the WASD keys to avoid wake of flames, get into flame rends and more importantly, figured out how to get into the raid ontime.

It was a brutal boss, absolute unit he was. But he's dead and we hopefully never ever ever have to go through this kind of torture ever againloljkTheresArgusDude

You might be expecting a funny picture now but to be honest, that guild pic should be the funny picture. Some people thought this boss was gonna take forever, break the guild but then after 300 pulls, we realized what was causing so much trouble.

People weren't using their defensives last phase but thankfully some madlad was brave enough to constantly shout at people to look at their healthstones and not the bosses 5% hp.

Your welcome guiz



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