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Status Report: Invisium, 9/11 !

Teser / Mar 07, 2018 / Raiding
Invisium has done it again, smashing Coven with enough melee to start doing splitruns with.

Its no secret that Coven was one of those fights that needed ranged, since they help kill the adds without having to move around in circles, but did that stop the Clownfiesta group from killing it? I mean a few wipes were attributed to it so maybe.

As for the actual fight itself, the team was actually playing their hardest I feel. Never did we have a moment when someone accidentally walked over someone while Chad Thundercock was channeling that one shot mechanic.
Nope, never, super clean kill. It was so clean infact we even decided to stack the bosses while they were at 1%
because I guess we needed that heart attack.

Look at these goons.

But after such a 'challenging raid tier', now comes the actual boss that'll disband the guild and turns us into a Terraria guild, for which we will be accepting applications with screenshots of their houses, for research.


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