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Status Report: Invisium, 8/11 !

Teser / Feb 01, 2018 / Raiding
Invisium has not only killed one, not two, but three bosses within two weeks!

After defeating Eonar with half the DPS braindead and one disconnected, Invisium managed to kill another few bosses!

Soul-Hunter Imonar

... went down after one or two days of progress and with many stories to tell!

Progress was actually pretty easy on Imonar, since most of the mechanics were outright ignored thanks to the help of our Ret pally who seemed to love getting sleep canister. So much so that the other melee DPS got to stroke their DPS meeters while he sacrificed everything for us.

Actual in-game screenshot

Then there was the bridge phase, which posed quite a challenge for our tanks and the one hunter that kept following them real close.

In-game screenshot with particle effects set to low

And even after that we had some pulls were people didn't grasp the concept of a "grenade" or "explosive" so they tried to run into the group while having Empowered grenade on them. It pretty much looked like this

Seconds before a disaster

But after many pulls, many deaths and many teamkills we managed to kill it.

As you can see a lot of the raiders got slept while we were taking the kill picture.

Then the next boss, Kin'garoth was actually easier than Imonar surprisingly since we managed to kill it without too many jokes or memes happening. Sure a few people mistunderstood where which mob they had to kill but other than that there wasnt much to remember this boss for aside from the occasional ruiner.

Needless to say the boss was killed with, again, two days of progress.

And then finally, we reached Varimathras a challenging boss that actually toke a bit effort to figure out its 4-step rotation.

Kill Mob --> Take bad debuff to marker --> Run back --> Kill mob

After learning this complicated rotation, Invisium managed to kill Varimathras !

Oh and theres something about this one player who managed to do the debuff rotation first try that then resulted in a kill? While also being the same person that soaked the Marked Prey Debuff ? Coincidence?

Regardless, the team managed to kill Varimathras with, wait for it, two days of progress!

And with those bosses dead, that leaves Invisium with a proud number 8 next to their 11. Can they manage to stack enough ranged to kill the next boss? Tune in next time!... in 2 days.



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