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Status Report: Invisium, 5/11 !

Teser / Jan 13, 2018 / Raiding
Invisium's second week of 2018 progression has led to, not just one but two bosses dead!

Its no wonder that the team managed to down two bosses, considering how easy the mechanics of it were. The only issue the team had while progressing was not interupting properly and people just knowing what was going on,
which either proves how good invisium is or how bad this game is.

A quick guild pic that may or may not include the actual people that were there for the kill

But whether the game is easy or the guild is good, one thing is certain. Eonar was a baby boss.

Our only challenge was guiding a healer that could only see five feet ahead of them

AND getting a hunter to not hide behind a corner, line of sighting the only healer they have

But other than that, it was pretty easy. We managed to clear this boss with ease, only wasting about 2 hours on it in progress.

Now that we've cleared the easiest part of Antorus, we have to prepare for the true challenge ahead



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