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Status Report: Invisium, 3/11 !

Teser / Jan 04, 2018 / Raiding
On the first day of Christmas, Our true love gave to us, 1 mythic boss dead.

Invisum is back after a long month of celebrating and drinking and casual raiding. As you might've guessed it was pretty intense.

But now with us all back in action we can finally start re-clearing the bosses with some much needed gear given to us by Saint Nickelodean the First.

And its dead

As you can see, we only have 14 raiders on screen right now and you might be thinking that this is some photoshop magic, but really its the truth. We did this boss with 14 people, we had only one healer, DobraKadabra who healed the entire raid singlehandedly, Maidstone the damage dealer, Supaturk the AOE dealer and Toutchy the "What" guy.

With this team of fearless heroes, its no wonder we killed the boss with only 3-4 attempts!

Yup, no one else was in the raid, they totally didnt leave the fucking instance, cuz who would do that?
But now we try to get portal keeper and so far it seems like a really easy boss

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