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Status Report: Invisium, 2/11 !

Teser / Dec 19, 2017 / Raiding
Invisium managed to down the 2nd boss of Antorus, The Felhounds!

After killing the first boss of Antorus within just three pulls, Invisium has managed to kill felhounds within one night. Now you might be wondering why this news is so late, because they actually killed it earlier this month, infact they've killed it twice now.

Well with christmas break and all, Invisium wont be raiding much so I was hoping they could manage to stop shoutting at each other and get High command before I make this post, but as you can tell the team wasn't very adapt at the mechanics of that boss even though the mechanics are so simple that theres already a game made with those mechanics, its called Bomberman bru.

Anyway, with the delay of this news post, we got something extra for what seems like Invisiums last week of Mythic before the holidays. So the team didnt exactly pose for a guild picture, so I'v taken the liberty of making my own guild kill pic....

Merry Christmas everyone.


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