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Status Report: Invisium, 1/11 !

Teser / Dec 07, 2017 / Raiding
Invisium managed to kill the first boss of mythic withing three pulls in one night!

This was to be expected, but then again it was also expected that the heroic clear wouldn't have too many wipes but here we are, desperately trying to kill this thing because its the last 30 mins of the raid, but hey its dead.

As for the rest of this report, since it was only three pulls with no fuck ups, there isnt much to talk about. Like what am I gonna say? "Ooh look this guy did bad dps, am i rite" ? Like thats trash. So instead of that, im just gonna post funny pictures of inside jokes that you'll only understand if you raided with us. So go on and hit that "apply" button and link us your armory... and only your armory... yea we can totally calculate your dps by looking at your armory and your potential there

Anyway, heres the funny pictures.



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